About Eric

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Eric is warm and funny, with a gift for language that shows up in memorable metaphors, powerful anecdotes, and polished lines you’ll want to borrow for your own use. He’s known for his entertaining, information-packed talks, and he’s even better at Q&A — all your questions and concerns about relationship issues will be heard with respect and responded to with clarity.

Eric has a deep knowledge of the research literature on relationships (and a sometimes scary ability to cite supporting articles and books for what he teaches), so you get cutting-edge, evidenced-based information. Even better, he’s a master at translating all this data into practical advice you can use every day: you’ll get specific suggestions for things you can say and do to help clients increase connection and intimacy. He also shares his personally created handouts, exercises, and tools.

Eric grounds all his teaching in real situations from real sessions. These aren’t air-brushed success stories; he shares moments of humor and hostility, interventions that bring joyful tears and ones that blow up spectacularly. You’ll come to appreciate this messy, beautiful, heart-breaking, exhilarating work as you find your own path to becoming a more effective relationship counselor.

When not supporting other therapists, Eric has a private practice in Newton, MA where he helps people rebuild connection and intimacy, have satisfying sexual interactions, move beyond affairs, negotiate mixed-orientation relationships, and overcome emotional and physical abuse. The web site for his practice is www.ericalbert.com.