Course: Tough Topics in Couples Therapy

Help your clients with affairs, sex, abuse, stepfamily issues and more!

Join this 22-CE training program packed with tips, techniques, and resources you can use now. Learn the ins and outs of dealing with the most challenging topics in couples therapy: affairs, sexuality and sex therapy, addictions, emotional and physical abuse, stepfamily issues, and couples where one partner is on the spectrum.

Why THIS course?

This course offers a purely practical approach to key relationship challenges, focusing on the most important question: “What do I do next?” With a mix of information-packed lectures and all-topic Q&A, you’ll master principles and practice, how to think and what to say.

Handouts, exercises, and more!

You’ll also get session-tested exercises, client-ready handouts, and hand-picked resource lists – effective materials you can use immediately. Years in the making, these are the same tools Eric uses with his own clients.

Some samples:

  • Big list of sex activities: form that lists over 200 sexual activities, along with a set of codes, so partners can share a comprehensive picture of what they like, what they’re curious about, and what makes them nervous
  • Structured time-outs: handout summarizing everything clients need to know to make time-outs actually work, including points of emphasis, customization ideas, and the right way to practice
  • Key affair issues: 50-item client checklist to guide you where to start when an affair is discovered
  • Sex therapy progress note: four-page summary of a sex therapy session with a real couple, including word-for-word partner dialogue and the therapist’s responses

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