Reviews for Eric Albert

I loved the course! The number of classes and the meeting time were perfect. The mix of theoretical and practical was great. I loved Eric’s focus on the positive, and his breadth of knowledge.
— Mimi Drummond, LICSW

Eric’s course provides a wealth of useful information in working with couples. Handouts and resources are invaluable.
— Denise Fitzpatrick, LMHC

I highly recommend Eric’s course. It’s comprehensive and in-depth, and you’ll get a solid foundation for working with couples and relationships. I really appreciated Eric’s expertise, and his clear, concise delivery of information. The best parts for me were the lectures, the clear agenda for each class, the flow of the curriculum, the content delivery, and the teaching style. This course will give you essential tools to be a more effective therapist.
— Isabelle Thourot

Eric is an experienced clinician, a gifted teacher, and genuinely passionate about his work and his patients.
— Anita P. Hoffer, PhD, EdD
Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Educator

When I first met Eric, I was immediately drawn to his passion for therapy; it’s clear this is what he’s meant to do. He’s a quality therapist who cares deeply for the couples with whom he works. He strives to be better every day — a lot of people say that; he actually follows through. He’s well-read and does an excellent job of integrating this knowledge into wisdom. When it comes to workshops and consultations with colleagues, Eric is thoughtful, committed, challenging, and compassionate. I’m grateful to know him.
— Daniel Sprintzen, LICSW
Clinical Supervisor and Psychotherapist

Eric is a gifted couples therapist. I’m impressed with his knowledge base and ability to make interventions applicable and measurable. We’ve collaborated on working with one of my clients, and I continue to be impressed with his ability to help couples create change!
— Liz Klish, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist

Eric is terrific: organized, engaging, and knowledgeable. He has seen some of my clients and has done an excellent job with them.
— Lynda L. Warwick, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

Eric is well-informed and presents me with a ton of information that always gives me greater insights into relationships and how to work with them. Go to one presentation and you’ll want more. Check him out and see why!
— Kelle Sparta
Shaman and Coach