Course: Becoming a More Effective Relationship Counselor

A 30-CE training program to increase your effectiveness in couples therapy, packed with tips, techniques, and resources you can use now. (Register here.)

Why learn relationship counseling?

Forty percent of private practice is couples therapy, and it’s a whole different world. What works well in individual therapy only makes things worse when there’s more than one client in the room. Partners snipe, sessions turn into screaming matches, and you vow never to try it again.

There’s another way. Couples therapy isn’t harder, just different. You need a new perspective and new tools: session-tested techniques to stop fights, practical methods to prevent escalation in the first place, and a road map to guide couples to the connection and intimacy they crave.

Your individual work will improve, too. Think of your clients who spend session after session complaining about their partner. Wouldn’t it be great to help them warm up their relationships? Join us and learn how! (Check out course reviews here.)

Why THIS course?

We offer a profoundly optimistic approach toward relationships, one that’s based on strengths and focused on the future. You’ll discover how to co-create sessions you and your clients look forward to, filled with moments of warmth, humor, and affection that lead to positive change.

With a mix of information-packed lectures and all-topic Q&A, we’ll cover theory and practice, how to think and what to say. You’ll learn a wide range of key skills, including how to structure a first session, develop shared goals, improve communication, increase connection, and much more. (A detailed class-by-class description is available here.)

Each week, you’ll also get copies of supporting handouts, exercises, and resource lists. Years in the making, these are exactly the same tools that Eric uses with his own clients. (Read more about Eric here.)

Most important, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the process of becoming a more effective relationship counselor — not just the destination, but the path itself.